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What are the Benefits of Investing In to Sustainable Real Estate?

Benefits of Sustainable Real Estate - Aakruthi Properties Blog

Sustainable real estate is the collective effort made by individuals within the real estate sector to contribute to the larger movement towards positive climate change; a concern that has been a moot subject within social discourses that have been raising alarm bells across the world. Damage done so far to planet Earth has been studied to imply generations worth of complicit abuse of natural resources overlooked and perpetrated without foresight, to reiterate the urgency to implement precautionary measures, and to address the dire need for damage control; a globally prevalent phenomena that can only be resolved by joining hands to achieve progress made over a period of time. 

The real estate sector is a rather lucrative enterprise to meet today’s needs without exploiting resources that could be used in the future to therefore substantiate the sustainability clause. By adopting relevant developmental strategies that have now assumed a globalized sensibility, sustainable real estate has been gaining momentum as an effective channel to broaden the shared effort made by individuals and communities towards being environment conscious. While one may know the benefits of a sustainable lifestyle, sustainable real estate comes with its own unique rewards. 

Some of today’s real estate developers have been adorning cloaks of responsibility and accountability in order to practice sustainability and to further lead the collective consciousness in a path that will ensure that tomorrow’s land and resources remain to be resources. Aakruthi Properties is an example of one such real estate establishment group and here is how we see the investment benefits of sustainable real estate. 

Benefits of Sustainable Real Estate 

  1. Reduced Operational Cost
    Sustainable real estate and green buildings are cost effective and affordable. Despite the reduction of cost, the sustainable design is often made to have the aesthetic appeal of a modern home. Costs are further reduced with respect to heating, cooling, and operations in sustainably developed real estate ventures as result of efficient usage of energy and resources. 
  2. Higher Returns on Investment
    Sustainably built real estate may be gathering momentum for being a land with high ROI and increasing resale value. Since sustainability is founded on the ideal of passing the tests of time, the components that make for a green home are both as eco-friendly as they are updated to be durable. You can be assured of resale prospects in the times to come as ROI and resale values increase with each passing day. 
  3. Improved Quality of Health and Lifestyle
    Green buildings use materials that are chosen to ensure that the environment is not harmed. Chemicals and pollutants that harm the natural habitat have an adverse effect on human health as well. Although much research has been done to reiterate the same, conventional real estate has used paints and construction material that is rich in detrimental synthetics. By choosing to invest into sustainable real estate, you are investing into your long-term health and you are sure to see less stress and therefore, better mental health.
    Furthermore, sustainable living prioritizes the presence of nature. Fresh air and natural light can inspire you to focus on yourself some more than you may, in the busy urban realm.
  4. Lowered Carbon Footprint
    At every point of developing a real estate property, the planet is impacted in distinct and varied ways. Procurement, design, construction, and operations of a real estate venture are a result of depending on the many natural resources available to us. Sustainable real estate development mandates practices that impact the environment the least and ensure that all the aspects of the developmental process emit as little carbon emissions as possible. You are presented with a choice that answers accountabilities.
  5. Healthy and Resilient Communities
    Sustainable real estate development often brings people together. The spirit of making a difference by joining hands has been studied to be true to the human journey. Green homes are interactive and sow in you, the seed of cherishing the language of sharing and nurturing your fellow human beings and your land.
  6. Environmental Benefits and Making a Difference
    The social and public discourse about global warming and environmental concerns can make one wonder how a single person can make a difference. It is impossible to undo the generations’ worth of damage we see in the natural resources today but sustainable real estate sets the pace for lifestyle to blossom in the arms of making a difference. Sustainable materials are used to construct green homes and they ensure that nature is a part of the build. 

Invest into sustainable real estate. Sow today, reap tomorrow! 

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