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We understand the craving for a natural ambience; the urban dweller’s longing to rekindle with its calming presence. At Aakruthi, we set out with integrity, to create sustainable communities; a mascot for living close to nature and a lifetime investment that can be passed on. Our premium villa plots are developed, constructed, and delivered by a team of professionals who work on the common ground of working with the same values. Invest in a potent land that aims to provide you with an urban lifestyle amidst nature; universally identified as a one that comes to stay.

Our Vision

A world where every individual lives in harmony with nature.

Our Mission

To create sustainable communities that nourish abundant living.

Our Core Values

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Aakruthi Properties

Our History

We at Aakruthi Properties, started off on the modest ground of promoting real estate residential projects built by pre existing realtors and by developing small land parcels in Bangalore.

As we began talking about the challenges we were able to locate, we aimed to combine the need of the hour with a strong vision that precedes the revenue margins. We turned to nature and we began to find ourselves, one milestone at a time.

We immediately acquired our own land and worked with a drive to live by our larger vision. We sowed seeds of relevance, sustenance, and competences to embark upon our journey in the ever evolving economy. Aakruthi Properties has achieved to develop sustainable townships and residential communities that continue to leave a unique mark on the city’s real estate map.

Aakruthi Natureville Beyond – 2022 (Ongoing)

Aakruthi Natureville Beyond – Setting New Standards in Sustainable Living

Building on the success of Natureville 1, 2, and 3, we are proud to introduce Natureville Beyond in 2022. Our commitment to sustainable living is evident in every aspect of this project, from the private lake and Miyawaki forest plantation to the state-of-the-art infrastructure and exclusive clubhouse.

With over 50 modern amenities and innovative digital sales and marketing strategies, we strive to provide a superior customer experience that exceeds expectations. At Aakruthi Natureville Beyond, you will see our unwavering convictions towards creating a greener, more sustainable future comes to life. Join us as we set new benchmarks in shaping residential communities.

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Aakruthi Natureville Annex – 2021

In April 2021, Aakruthi Properties launched the Natureville Annex, a residential community that embodies the spirit of our Natureville series. This project offers a serene, nature-friendly environment that is enhanced by state-of-the-art amenities and infrastructure. The result is a community that inspires dreams and provides a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life. The Annex is a proud addition to our commitment to creating sustainable, green living spaces for our customers.

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Aakruthi Natureville Phase 2 and 3 – 2020

Building on the success of Phase 1, Aakruthi Properties embarked on the development of Natureville Phase 2 and 3 in 2020. These projects represented a significant investment of time and effort, as we aimed to provide a unique urban lifestyle that seamlessly blends the best of nature with the conveniences of city living. The result is a harmonious community that offers the perfect balance of urban sophistication and natural beauty.

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Aakruthi Natureville Phase 1 – 2019

Our belief in the power of nature has proven to be a driving force behind our success. What started as simple conversations grew into a plan of action, which we launched in 2019 with the goal of promoting sustainability.

Natureville Phase 1 was designed to meet the growing demand for a healthier and greener lifestyle, with a focus on clean air and water, protection of biodiversity, conservation of resources, and a commitment to sustainability. This project was well received by millennials looking for value-for-money properties and marked a significant milestone in our continued growth and evolution.

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Aakruthi Natureville: The Beginning – 2018

With a solid track record of promoting residential projects by other builders and developing small land parcels in and around Bangalore, Aakruthi Properties has already achieved four successful ventures. After reflecting on the lessons learned and challenges faced, we decided to rebrand ourselves as an organization driven by a vision that transcends conventional revenue models.

Our mission and vision were inspired by the transformative power of nature. We set out to acquire lands to develop sustainable projects that not only endure the test of time but also embrace future advancements. Aakruthi Natureville represents our commitment to this mission, as we strive to create developments that are in harmony with the natural world.

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Aakruthi Prospera – 2017

Aakruthi Prospera, launched in 2017, is a plotted development residential project that is strategically located in the thriving neighborhood of Amrutahalli Hebbal in North Bangalore. Surrounded by major IT parks and high-end residential communities, Aakruthi Prospera offers a prime location close to Kempegowda International Airport and the bustling Central Business District of Bangalore. With its ideal residential spaces, Aakruthi Prospera has become a shining example of our commitment to delivering splendid plotted developments to our valued clients.

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Aakruthi North City – 2014

Aakruthi North City, situated in the vibrant neighbourhood of Hebbal in Bangalore North, is a testament to our commitment to creating residential plots that offer both convenience and beauty. With a blend of traditional Vastu-compliant charm and modern amenities, Aakruthi North City stands out as a gated community surrounded by lush greenery. Experience the perfect harmony of the past and the present at Aakruthi North City.

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Aakruthi Paradise – 2012

Aakruthi Paradise, our debut project that began in 2012, is a symbol of sophistication and luxury. With 34 exquisitely designed plots, this premium residential community is located in the heart of Bangalore’s bustling Old Madras Road, known as the “Corporate High Street”. Our grand aspirations have been realized with Aakruthi Paradise, exceeding all expectations and solidifying its reputation as the epitome of dream homes.

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