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Transitioning to Aakruthi Natureville – A Life Amidst Natural Elements

There is something undeniably beautiful about being wrapped into a busy schedule under the ever-flickering city lights. One milestone after another, the city has a way of driving one to give their all but, there is always a but in every city dweller’s quiet mind.

If only,

“If only I could live amidst the quiet freshness of the natural landscape and if only, I could get the best of both worlds.”

Welcome to Aakruthi Natureville

What if your dreams could come true? What if your ‘if only’ isn’t as farfetched as it seems when lost to the hustling life of being a part of Bangalore’s Ocean of opportunities?

Our villa plots, developed to be a sustainable gated community at Aakruthi Natureville, see happy faces and happy families as they have transitioned into a sustainable lifestyle that doesn’t deprive them of the best in town urban amenities; a life amidst natural elements, a suburban dream come alive.


Change is a constant and when transitioning from being a city dweller into a gated community or a residential township where life is a blissful paradise full of nature; it can be breathtakingly overwhelming.

You are likely to see the changes in your body and mind as you get used to breathing fresh air as it is consistently replenished by the greenery around you. Making room in your busy schedule for a stroll to greet a neighbor may begin to feel like your source of respite; a conscious choice you are bound to make as you begin to experience the sense of community in Aakruthi Natureville.

Your wellness and happiness quotient increases by merely living around everything you need and more; a possibility you may not have thought about in the absence of the healthy ecosystem. At Aakruthi Natureville, located in the suburbs of Bangalore East off the Whitefield road, alongside the thoughtfully curated model of living with the best kind of infrastructure available today; you are further surrounded by an environment where all the natural elements bless you with their freshness and abundances.

In an ambience where simplicities and lessons are learned from the nature’s way, you are assured to bond with and within your gated community; both with one another as residents and with nature.

Sharing, Caring, Coexisting, and Preserving

Nature has inspired poetry for centuries now and there has to be a reason behind it; isn’t it? The natural elements are a source of inspiration and are in essence, silent teachers of a few values that we may not be able to fully exercise when not surrounded by their gracious presence.

By watching a plant turn into a tree and a vegetable go from the garden into the kitchen; by recognizing how rainwater can become a source of water; by living in the vicinity of a private lake and by engaging within your gated community, can be a profound experience.

Transitioning into the natural world happens without too much effort. All one needs to do is to experience the boons of the natural resources that we are blessed with. As you appreciate the luxury in your villa home and as you have guests over at home to be awestruck by the quality of your life and lifestyle; you notice that you are a part of a collective experience. Aakruthi Natureville’s villa plots can lead you into a community where you coexist with nature to leave behind, an exemplary way of living for generations to come.

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