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Aakruthi Natureville – A Pollution Free Lifestyle

One can wonder if it’s possible to live a pollution free lifestyle but as people who are aware of pollution and the repercussions of pollution via experience; can we not create an ecosystem where there is no pollution? When we began to ideate for Aakruthi Properties, we envisioned a thoughtful creation; a real estate business that promises to walk an additional mile, to live up the values all of us collectively stand for. It may not be enough to plant a handful of trees in our backyards and it may be time for us to work as communities.

What can be a better team than a residential township developed to include nature as part of its very conception?

As urban dwellers though, to imagine a gated community or a residential township bejewelled with nature’s abundance in the heart of the city under its shimmering city lights as the remain awake into the nights may not be possible.

While looking for an authentically appropriate location to build and execute our idea, we identified the treasure trove of a land off the Whitefield road in Bangalore East. Quiet, serene, and yet not removed from the city; it has served to be the lucky find upon which we were able to develop Aakruthi Natureville; a gated community where one could become one with nature without losing out on the city’s wonders.

What is a Pollution Free Lifestyle?

Recycle and Reuse – Judicial use of our natural resources includes cultivating the practice of recycling and reusing available resources.

Growing our Own Food – Organic farming is an ideal solution to ensure lack of wasting the food we eat. By growing our own food, we are able to enable the process of responsible consumption and reducing wastage all at the same time.

Planting Trees and Nourishing our Land – Planting trees and empowering the land around us with greenery facilitates the process of creating an ever-replenishing ecosystem. A green landscape nourishes the land, purifies and cleanses the air, and enhances the continuum of the natural cycles. More the plants, more rains. More rains, more natural water resources and more greenery.

Creating Open Spaces – Open spaces render our land rich with natural light and aid in sustaining fresh air. Nature thrives in open spaces and by letting the natural way of the universe do its bit, we ensure reduction of pollution.

Spreading the Word by Leading by Action – By going a step forward to practice the word we seek to spread; we teach our future generations to cultivate the value of sustenance.

Aakruthi Natureville – Leading by Action

Recharge Pits – At the end of every saucer drain, our team at Aakruthi Properties has ensured to install recharge pits to recharge your water sumps. This facilitates the process of using recycled water and therefore, water conservation.

Organic Farming – With the amount of open space available within the Aakruthi community, you are bound to have space to grow your own food. Our team at Aakruthi encourages and provides you with the rich resource of being able to cultivate your own food.

10000+ Trees and a Private Lake – Our team at Aakruthi has been very particular about ensuring that the landscape in our community, is primarily green and eco-friendly. With more than 10000 trees and a private lake in close proximity, our community coexists with nature and therefore, is assured to facilitate all the natural processes that aid in replenishing the environment around you.

50% Open Space – The sprawling community as it is spread over acres of land, has been deliberately empowered with 50% of its land, left to be an open space. Aside from being able to walk and live amidst nature, the community is sure to provide you with fresh air, natural light, and the peace of mind that you seek.

Passing on a Way of Life – By living the reality of practicing sustainability and by respecting Mother Nature for its natural course, each home in the Aakruthi community is an example set for the generations to come.

Our aim at the Aakruthi Properties has been to facilitate a long term and life time process for families who can gather to become a community that lives within the harmony of living a pollution free lifestyle. Aakruthi Natureville, is the testimony of our efforts and as we see it thrive, we are inspired to spread the word some more.

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