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How committed are Real Estate Developers Today?

With the gradual return to normal since the pandemic, Bangalore is setting the pace for booming its way back into being a developmental landmine. With everything coming back to reestablish the city in its many opportunities, real estate is beginning to boom in its own worth. It is unmistakably the right time to invest into property in and around Bangalore. It is safe to assume that we have collectively learned a thing or two from experiencing the pandemic and the resultant lockdown. As much as urban folks seek to make changes in their lives and lifestyles to include sustainability and being environmentally friendly, one does seek to remain relevant. Real Estate developers have been quick to catch up with the demands of the hour and therefore, build gated communities and residential townships that promise to live up to the same.

Promises Made

Ethical Procedures During the Purchase- Ideally, following the RERA Act to ensure that legally regulated procedures are followed during the purchase of the property.

Open Spaces– Villa plots within a gated community therefore promising open spaces and an investment.

Greenery and Trees– An opportunity to invest into a greener lifestyle with a community rich in greenery and trees.

Water– Rain water harvesting to make up for the water shortage that is anticipated in Bangalore and other urban cities in India.

Infrastructure– State-of-the-art infrastructure that reflects in the construction work that goes into the entire gated community.

Sustainability– A sustainable community experience that ensures an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

How Committed is your Real Estate Developer?

Although both realtors and real estate buyers are becoming more aware and therefore more responsible; here are some of the questions you may want to ask yourself when investing. Oftentimes, there is a discrepancy between promises made on paper and in application of the same.

RERA Act– While the RERA Act is a mandate to be followed by every real estate developer, there are a few advantages that a realtor may see when he/she does not adhere to its rules. The RERA Act assures the buyer, of accountability from the realtor’s end. The real estate developer is demanded to address the buyer’s ‘concerns quickly and there is little or no room for fraudulent promises within the regulations issued within the Act. As a buyer, by ensuring that your realtor’s deliverables are rooted in the RERA Act, your investments are assured to be secure.

Open Spaces– When a gated community is promised to hold 50% open spaces, be wary of the manner in which the claim is calculated. When common areas and roads are taken into the same account, you may be left with around 5% open space. While you may imagine 50% open space, you may receive 5% only.

Greenery and Trees– Trees lining alongside the roads within a gated community do not paramount to greenery. You want to ensure that you are investing into a property that promises lush green trees means that you will be surrounded by open spaces with self-sustainable trees.

Water– Rainwater harvesting while it is a deliverable that is always seen through, the number of recharge pits and collection points within your gated community might tell you how much water you are really harvesting. Ideally, one pit for every three plots is the proportion that makes a real difference, if any.

Infrastructure– Tar roads do not last beyond one monsoon. Although well planned, if good material isn’t used, the purpose is defeated; a common error that can be overlooked. Look out for residential townships with good and sturdy roads, pedestrian networks, qualitative cable work, and sanitary layouts to ensure that the end of the monsoon doesn’t come with a difficult situation to navigate through.

Sustainability– >Sustainability includes various factors and oftentimes, you may not get the best of everything if you are not careful. Natural light, water management, greenery, open spaces, and efficient waste management make for a sustainable community. To ensure that your waste is managed properly, ensure that a soak pit isn’t wrongly called an STP; a common tactic that has been used in the recent years.

Aakruthi Properties

Gated residential communities are built by our passionate team at Aakruthi Properties, by keeping all the above in mind. We are committed to what we do and it reflects in our work. We believe in accountability and uphold the RERA Act. Look out for villa plots at Aakruthi Natureville and Natureville Beyond for details and see for yourself, as we live up to the expectations of a committed realtor.

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