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10 Motivating Factors to Move Towards Sustainability

While sustainable living as it is defined in its simplicity seems like it appeals to everyone; the ways to approach the same, and the inclination to adopt sustainable ways of living may or may not seem pivotal to everyone. Sustainability is in being able to live today without stealing from tomorrow; a lifestyle that involves using resources that are available today by choosing necessity over indulgence. There are however, factors that can inspire one to move towards a sustainable lifestyle. Sustainability is a way of life that we at Aakruthi Properties, choose to celebrate and here are a few motivating factors that could inspire you to join us on the same.

Choosing Sustainability

1.Demand in Resources Lessens– A sustainable lifestyle reduces the demand and therefore the pressure put upon the available resources. There is a possibility for conservation in the face of long-term judicial use of everything available.

2.Efficiency – An efficient ecosystem operates and functions at its optimum best all without wastage or excessive usage of the resources available. It is possible to walk on the path of progress without paying a heavy price, after all.

3.Lesser Pollution – Reduced wastage translates to lesser chances of pollution. An urban dweller may only dream about cleaner air and purer natural sources of water; a dream that may not come true if collective efforts are not made towards sustainability.

4.Room for Meaningful Interactions – Sustainability as it inspires a sense of active and collective efforts made towards a cause, brings people together.

5.Relevant to the Current Climate – By current climate, we really are talking about the climate. Our awareness today, has led us to recognise the damage that has been done to the planet and subsequently, the climate. Sustainability pledges its loyalties to the betterment of the planet.

6.Better Bonding with Land and Culture – Investing time is the only way one can bond better with land and culture. Culturally rooted rituals are often celebratory of the land and of nature; a shared common value with sustainability that allows us to experience a sense of oneness with the universe.

7.Welcoming A Cost-Effective Lifestyle – Sustainability leads to saving costs as a result of judicial use, reduced wastage, and therefore lesser expenditures.

8.Qualitative Living – A sustainable lifestyle is a lifestyle that is rich in its quality; a one that welcomes nature and upholds our ability to make responsible and inclusive choices.

9.Satisfaction – When we know we can add value to our surroundings, we feel a sense of satisfaction. Watching a sapling grow into a flowering plant may be an example or a pup a full-grown fluffy canine.

10. A Possibility of a Brighter Future – Leading by action and passing on an exemplary lesson may be a significant way to pave a path towards possibilities; possibilities of a healthier planet, a healthier life, and a healthier lifestyle.

At Aakruthi Properties, we have found our way in the nature’s way. There are no bigger luxuries than natural light, open spaces, fresh air, and unpolluted water. We have been inspired by ‘praakruthi’ – nature to walk towards sustainability. What about you?

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