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Bangalore – Chennai Expressway Work in Progress Prompts Satellite Town Proposals

In recent years, Bangalore has seen a replacement for its endearing pseudonym ‘Garden City of India’ with creative trolls and memes about its traffic; an unfortunate turn of events as the city’s urban growth has been accompanied with population explosion, pollution, congestion, and all of them reflecting onto its roads.

The Union Minister of Road Transport and Highways, Mr. Nitin Gadkari conducted in January of 2023, an aerial inspection procedure to overlook the Bangalore – Chennai Greenfield Expressway or the National Expressway 7 (NE 7) that the city’s dwellers have been anticipating; a project proposed in 2011 and a one that commenced in 2022.

With 258 kms of the expressway planned to run through Karnatakas’s state limits, movement across the 4 lanes within the road network is predicted to be seamless. In light of the progress so far wherein, Mr. Gadkari has announced completion of 53 kms; he went on to make a few pivotal points in his press conference following the inspection.

Key Takeaways Following the Aerial Inspection

  1. Satellite Towns Proposed and Encouraged –

The National Expressway 7 is only the beginning; the first of many milestones established to decongest Bangalore. The efforts to restore Bangalore to its old school charm of being called ‘Garden City’ do not stop with the construction of a road network that can accommodate transportation at 100 kms/hr. While the new road network is assured to see decongestion of Bangalore roads and traffic in the city, Mr. Nitin Gadkari’s inspection resulted in a press conference during which one was privy to his foresight pertaining to his recognition of the need for long term and progressive plans for the city and its roadways.

The Bangalore – Chennai Expressway as it is anticipated to connect the suburbs of Bangalore to various landscapes that make for a developmentally relevant matrix by passing through Hoskote, Doddaballapur, Ramanagara, Kanakpura, and Hosur road as it broadens into Tamil Nadu near the promised new airport; is designed to be multi modal logistics park. With seamless access to the Chennai port and the Krishnapatnam port, freight movement is yet another promised perk of the NE-7. Having established that, Mr. Gadkari’s reports included the impending explosion of land values in the regions proximal to the said expressway.

He has actively proposed the idea of satellite towns and has gone on to prompt the Karnataka state government to plan for the same. Satellite towns, as the name suggests, are distinct municipalities that are developed around metropolitan cities. The urban presence in the vicinity allows for growth and development of these unique regions and encourages subsequent development that is on par with the city in the vicinity. Land appreciation in these regions are usually spiked in the wake of the said social changes and make room therefore for new enterprises to grow upon.

  1. Pollution Control and Sustainability Identified as Goals Achieved –

With traffic redirected to the expressway and primarily so, commercial and freight traffic along with interstate movement; Bangalore might finally see a road network that is not as congested as it is in the current times. The expressway as it is designed to include provisions for double decker to ensure that land acquisition is not affected, the fundamental aim of the expressway as ensued by the Bharatmala Pariyojana, has been to return the Garden City to its green loving citizens.

Over the last few decades, the city has seen a major shift in its silicon growth and in the process, lost its green luster. The city’s climate as it was once associated with being that of a hill station, now sees erratic shuffling between hot and cold extremities as a result of the pollution that has come to speak for the city. One of the most telling sources of Bangalore’s pollution levels had largely been identified as the state of its traffic, a menace as it is called out by the general public.

Rerouting Bangalore’s traffic to the expressway anticipates decluttering of the Bangalore roads in a manner that every single person in the city may now be looking forward to the possibility. With reduced pollution, collective sustainable goals can be deemed as achieved in their nascent stages.

  1. Increase in IT Booms Feasible –

The Greenfield Expressway provides room for developmental hotspots across its 288 kms stretch wherein 243 kms are designed to fall under the Karnataka state limits. With Bangalore being at a proximal and a well planned roadway’s distance, any and all development in the silicon valley with building new tech parks is more likely to see fruition. The said developments will not worsen the congested state of the city.

Mr. Gadkari’s press conference marks a few important takeaways for those involved in the real estate sector. The suburbs of Bangalore are bound to see a rampant increase in ROI (Return of Investments) and satellite towns are by nature, suburban communities albeit identified as distinct municipalities.

Aakruthi Natureville, our most recent success, is located in a sweet spot wherein, the Bangalore – Chennai Expressway is under ten minutes in proximity; a locational advantage that promises the properties in our residential township to see a staggering increase in ROI. Being a gated community built upon sustainability, the Aakruthi Natureville Project is similar to the proposed satellite town project.

Investing into the Aakruthi villa plots available across ranges, properties that we have developed within a gated community wherein sustainability is the lifestyle lived up to comes with the benefit of arriving at the anticipated boom, ahead of time. You are bound to appreciate the ROI and you are assured to experience the life that is aimed for via the possibilities of building satellite towns.

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