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Natural Playground

Reconnect with Nature with a custom natural playground for kids

Reconnect Natural playground for kids

Nature playgrounds recreates the experiences children normally experience outdoors, providing structured activities and open-ended play not offered in screen time. Today’s children spend more than twice as much time indoors as their childhood parents. The natural playground helps kids to reconnect with the great outdoors and themselves along the way. There are other benefits as well. Spending time outdoors while engaging in open activities helps children focus, stimulate creativity and team play, and improve their level of well-being, intelligence and health.

Like traditional playgrounds, natural spaces stimulate and support unstructured play. In contrast to traditional structures, they are free to suppress the imagination and stimulate the senses.

Many communities are replacing concrete and metal with durable natural structures, but you don’t need a huge budget to bring a game of nature home. If your garden is a wasteland of lawn and gravel, consider simple natural materials combined with the following nature-inspired elements:

  • Rocks and pebbles
  • Part of the tree
  • Loose material
  • Dig a room
  • Water supply

Some creative ideas for your super creative kids

  1. Treasure hunt / Mystery escape
    Playing in nature gives children something else they need: a chance to get lost while playing. By planning a compass treasure hunt in the garden or neighbourhood, children can navigate the world and learn the skills they need to get home. The compass treasure hunt is suitable for individuals and groups of children. They also work perfectly as part of some school trips. Children of all ages can participate. Learning directional points is an integral part of the game.
  2. Jump & Run Hurdle Course
    Learning how to balance, jump and walk on jagged roads is good for your child’s body and brain. If you can bring your hand to wood stumps and a handful of slim protocols, create a course with a variety of heights to explore children. Light parts can be adopted as needed, and children can encourage children to create new games and scenarios.
  3. Garden Area
    Horticulture with children opens many ways-especially when growth is as important as harvest. The sensory garden should be explored by touch, taste, aroma and attractions. Please use a small room. B. Gardens-RootView Playhouse- or on our sensory garden design and some beds. Fill these gardens, regardless of size, with herbs, fruits, flowers and succulents to entertain your senses.
  4. Backyard river
    Expose children to safe water play while sprinkling mud for safety. With pieces of wood, water, and soil, you can turn a small area into a laboratory for studying erosion, gravity, sediment, and more.

No matter what element of natural play you choose, your garden can be a paradise for a rich and unforgettable childhood experience. Apart from worry, you can create a simple and cheap game just by welcoming a variety of natural and open-ended materials.

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