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Benefits of staying close to nature: Physical and mental well-being

Benefits of staying close to nature

How mother nature can heal your soul, body, and mind

 Growing up as a city kid, I always expected to stay in the city my whole life. I had dreams of having a high-end designer job and working at big companies. I ended up getting my dream job and stayed in skyscrapers in the city. Life was monotonous and exhausting. I was constantly looking for an escape from all this madness.

Flash forward to 6 years. I moved to my childhood home and stayed in a farmhouse surrounded by trees and greenery. I would take long walks across the countryside and feel the fresh breeze on my face. A few minutes of walking every day can do wonders for your physical and mental wellness. Being close to nature made me realise how much time we spent glued to our screen and the negative impact it has on our bodies.

Here are some of the many wonders that nature can do to cleanse your mind and body.

Reconnecting with Nature

Connecting with nature can teach us so much about the world around us. Once we get deep with nature we naturally feel uplifted and fresh. As I walked through the trees I was reminded of my childhood and how we used to run along the forest and get excited about the little streams and birds we saw along the way. It was a peaceful environment and we all felt connected to nature. Nature can help you stay grounded and gave me a new perspective of seeing the world.

Reduces Stress

 Our minds become exhausted with stress and pressures from what we consume from screens. Talking a short walk or stroll in nature can brighten up your mood and boost your cognitive and creative thinking. Many studies have shown that nature can help you improve your emotions and can distract you from all the negative things happening around you. I always felt at peace when I was surrounded by nature. I hope everyone would have felt that feeling when they travel and see nature.

Improves Immunity

Surrounding yourself in nature is so relaxing and great for your immune system. When we stay locked indoors and work we limit our minds to certain tasks and chores. By getting out in nature you get to relax and unwind from all your thoughts.

Nature has an amazing gift of giving healing and balance to our minds and bodies.

It is also a proven fact that spending time in nature, away from the ongoing chaos from technology, can help to enhance the ability to multitask. and boost creativity and memory.

One of the most obvious benefits is how spending time around nature can improve and boost your mood. Various studies have shown that people who live close to nature have shown lower signs of depression, anxiety, and stress. Less traffic, fewer screens, lesser noise, lesser pollution translates to less stress and peaceful life.

Staying Healthy and Fit

Just staying close to nature is not a magical pill that can help you lose weight but it can help you enjoy your environment and can make your exercises more fun and enjoyable. Doing outdoor activities like walking and hiking in nature can help you lose weight in an unexpected way. I always enjoy my evening walks around the farm and I don’t even realize that I’m exercising.  Staying outdoors in nature can be beneficial to get and absorb vitamins. A daily dose of Vitamin D from can sun can help you stay fit and make you less prone to several diseases.

Can help with Ageing

Did you know that staying close to nature can help you age gracefully? Yes, it’s true studies have shown that people who spent time in their 60s outdoors had better immunity and health compared to people who didn’t. Yes, Nature can be the key to solving most of our health problems and can really make your life so much easier.

Nature is pretty amazing and can cleanse your mind, soul, and body. Spending all this time outdoors has felt amazing and has left me with a sense of belonging and gratitude.

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