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Enjoy the Eco-living lifestyle by a Lake with Natureville Beyond

Enjoy the eco-living lifestyle by a lake with Natureville and beyond

Everyone appreciates nature and the perks of staying close to one’s roots. Eco-Living homes are the perfect option if you want to live close to nature, away from the noise and pollution of the city. Aakruthi’s Natureville Beyond is a charming neighborhood that offers its residents well-designed, eco-friendly home plots. Our top priorities are security, wellness, and comfort while keeping sustainable living in mind.

The Need for an Eco-living Atmosphere

We must create an eco-living environment to combat the adverse effects of pollution and breathe deeply with pleasure and calm. Our main goal is to create a fully developed civilization, but they are also concentrating on changes to create a community with everything in an eco-friendly environment.

Aakruthi’s Natureville Beyond

Aakruthi’s Natureville Beyond is a premium residential gated community villa plot. At Aakruthi, we believe in redefining life using the principles of science, humanism, and other realms. Have your home amid nature at Aakruthi’s Natureville Beyond, where you will find 50 acres of green, lush land, abundant amenities, world-class facilities, and more than half open space. Rethink your way of life and enter tranquility! Aakruthi’s Natureville is more than just another neighborhood; it’s a distinctive lifestyle destination that guarantees the highest possible level of living along with top-notch facilities and the kindness of Mother Nature.

Why Natureville Beyond?

There are various advantages and benefits to leading a more sustainable lifestyle at Aakruthi’s Natureville Beyond. Additionally, for your pleasure and well-being as well as the environment and the planet Earth. Even while breaking old, harmful behaviors could be challenging; the adjustments can significantly enhance your life. In the long term, even the slightest adjustments may have a significant impact. Here is why you should make your abode at Aakruthi’s Natureville Beyond.

Exclusive Private Lake

At Aakruthi’s Natureville Beyond, we have created a private lake exclusive to the residents. We did not just create a lake; we worked with the resources and villagers in and around to create a sustainable waterbody for the entire community’s use.

Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

Every nook and corner of Natureville Beyond has been curated with deep thought into nature. Be it the core infrastructure, technological base, or material; every aspect has undergone a litmus test to ensure sustainable living.

Where Sustainability Meets Community

At Aakruthi’s Natureville Beyond, life blooms every day. We believe that no ecosystem can be sustainable without the intent and efforts of the people living there. Keeping this in mind, we have built spaces for the community to be one with nature, including an outdoor gym, walking and jogging path, adventure zone, Lilly Pond, butterfly garden, landscaped garden, tree seating, amphitheatre, and much more. We have recreational zones for all age groups, including toddler zone, preteen zone, yoga path, and much more.

Clubhouse to Meet and Greet

We understand that sustainable living within nature’s cradle should be complemented by modern lifestyle choices – indulgences that are unique in experience and filled with joy. You have multiple options to play different games like golf, billiards, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, and other indoor games. You also get dining offerings with an outdoor restaurant and a bar. Eat healthily and relax well. Throw a grand party and be the host!

A Final Thought on Practicing an Eco-friendly Lifestyle

If everyone prefers an eco-friendly lifestyle, global warming and deforestation will not be an issue. Adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle encourages everyone around you to consider living a healthy yet eco-friendly life. Being environmentally conscious is a great approach to support environmental protection. When your children know the benefits of an eco-friendly lifestyle and experience the same at Aakruthi’s Natureville Beyond, they will contribute to future generations through sustainable living.


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