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Check for these facts before Investing in a Villa Property

As we, at Aakruthi Properties are working towards ensuring that you have a great investment opportunity; we hope that you are making an informed choice. When our customers walk towards us, our team prioritises the values of service that we achieve to establish within the real estate domain. As an investor, your awareness allows you to make smart investments and it is what we hope for you.

Investing into a property requires some amount of research. Here are a few pointers with respect to how you can plan your investments

Are You Planning on Investing in Real Estate?

Knowing your credit score – Investments include loans and when investing into a property; it is but a long-term investment that is as we understand, very dear to your heart. With a verified credit history, you may avoid loans with hiked interests.

Calculating the full cost – Investing into a property come with a series of details. The full cost of investing into a property comes with calculating the price of the property, the registration fees, GST, stamp duty, brokerage charges, and eventual furnishing all of which can surmount to a hiked price if you do not include the additional charges only to stick with the base price of the property.

Buying REITS if need be, based on your finances (Real Estate Investment Trusts) – REITS allow you a quicker liquidation process which you can further use for beneficial investments in your dream property.  

Research on returns – A good investment allows you to experience a good resale value. When investing in a property, if you can be assured that your property can bring you healthy returns; you may have made an investment that goes a very long way. The idea of investments is usually long term and we hope you make wise choices.

Research on litigation and legalities – Property investments have proven to come with certain flaws as a result of unhealthy practices within the real estate domain. As a result of poor real estate management, you could become the pawn of a larger dynamic. It is essential to understand the legalities involved in your investment.

Aakruthi Properties and RERA (Real Estate Regulation and Development Act, 2016)

The entire team at Aakruthi Properties is a torchbearer of the RERA act. As one of our clients rightly reviewed their experience with us as a one that lives up to RERA; our services are deeply rooted in the core values of being a team of accountable persons.

When our clients call us with a mere enquiry, we are keen on being transparent with them. As a service sector that hopes to provide you with an opportunity to invest on a long-term property, we value your trust put into us and we are encouraged by the very presence of RERA as it echoes our spirits, to recognise our chance at providing you with a happy investment experience.

With transparency, accountability, and by prioritising your needs; we do our part at ensuring financial discipline by rule. Your vision is our passion and we do our best to give you more than a property.

At Aakruthi, our aim is to create a community and we do everything to assure you that you are in safe hands.

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