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Lake Side Homes within a Gated Community

Lakeside homes in bangalore

Bangalore continues to remain the urban pinnacle of advancements, novel ideas as they come alive, and a culmination of schools of thought as they strive to keep the spirit of the city’s rich essence alive. The city has always upheld its accommodation of nature amidst the many branches of growth it has adapted to. Both locals and migrants, have cherished Bangalore’s truth in its roots and at Aakruthi; we aim to encourage you to embrace the lifestyle that is conceived in the city’s unique blend of prioritising holistic growth.

Reimagining a Gated Community

It is the thought that counts, and thought seeds as they are sowed; are gateways to replenishing the sense of community and togetherness. As we go about spilling our thoughts, we reimagine the quality of lifestyle that can be built and sustained, by ensuring that we understand the intricacies that make for real estate development and therefore; ensuring that we offer you an experiential benchmark of a lifestyle that can be passed on.

With a lake within our gated community, you have access to living by the waters and living by the lakeside goes beyond living in a serene neighbourhood. Lakes evolve into an ecosystem and further make the land around them, thrive in more ways than not. Apart from being able to fish, being able to breathe fresh air, and gather around the lakeside by spending time by its cool atmosphere as a community; lakes enrich the land and empower the community with a sense of belonging.

Our gated community can perhaps be best described as a life-sized terrarium where you, are a part of its heavenly ambience. Peaceful and yet as it offers the chance of being a resource for those of you who enjoy activities such as fishing, birdwatching, and learning about the natural habitat as it is nourished by its community; our team at Aakruthi intends on letting you be the mascot for the lifestyle that comes from being compassionate, aware, healthy, and all while you live in the laps of urban comforts.

Our gated communities are designed to ensure that you live the urban and suburban dream. With your home located within the arms of nature, you are bound to experience the wonders of being healed by its ability to cleanse the air you breathe. The positive presence of gently flowing waters, the sense of sharing and oneness within a community, and the shared notion of sustenance has been proven to facilitate mental wellness.

The Lakeside Lifestyle

Living in a city full of opportunities, your abode is perhaps one of your sources of relaxation. Amidst work, professional growth, and being able to meet success in your own endeavours; your life in a gated community by the lake is assured to be the place that holds you close.

While lives are lived, lifestyles are cultivated and passed on. Your lifetime involvement with a natural landscape doesn’t end with you. By leading by action, nature promises one to leave them with the language of sustenance. Live, learn, and lead a life by the lake within the community; you are in for a qualitative lifestyle as it is garnished with the abundance of nature.

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