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Aakruthi Properties

8 reasons Aakruthi Natureville is the way forward for your Dream Home

A dream home is not to be a dream forever, right? Dreams deserve better. They are meant to be realized and charm your reality. While we wish good luck with all your dreams, we have something special for the one that shouts a home! Aakruthi Natureville is bringing your dream home a step closer to you and we tell you how, read on.

Location comes first, obviously!

No matter how high your imagination and aspiration flies when it comes to building your dream home, the primary flight is always for the location. Well, who understands better than us. A house not surrounded by fresh scenic green beauty doesn’t count for a true dream home. It has to be special, exclusive and modern with an abundance of nature and Aakruthi Natureville is just that. A healthy land to build and hold your dream home strong for centuries to come.

Affordable pricing

The second most important thing is the affordability of a location that is nothing less than perfect. The thought of likeable locations being overpriced and not being able to afford one kills more dreams than anything else ever can. Hence, the reasonably priced 30×40 and 30×50 villa plots starting at only ₹15 Lacs enables you to shed the worries and move a step closer to your dream home

The convenience of easy EMIs

This one is the favourite of all. Not because it is less harsh on your pockets but because it gives you an opportunity to invest right away! An EMI as low as ₹9999/month is all that one can ask for, especially when it gets you a dream space which is exactly like how you wanted it. Thinking about how are we so confident? Well, pay us a visit and you’ll know.

A well-developed neighbourhood

Aakruthi Natureville has a vast growing, well planned and supremely developed neighbourhood. With metro soon coming in, hospitals, schools, shopping malls and tech parks fall in close proximities. When thinking or planning about one’s dream home, who doesn’t count in this necessary connectivity? We all do. So that there is another step closer to a home you have always wished to own.

A sense of security, 24/7!

Now, this actually is just not for you, but for all the ones you love and care for. When building your dream home, security is not something that you need to ponder upon or be anxious about. We leave no stone unturned in making sure you, your loved ones and your dream home is sound and secure. We have 24/7 CCTV surveillance and manned entry/exit gates to be double sure. So now, go ahead and focus on your plans while we keep your surroundings secure.

World class lifestyle amenities

Imagine a home with no lawns, gym, play areas or a clubhouse around? Is it even closer to the home in your dreams? We make it easier for you yet again and bring much more than lawns, gym, play areas and a clubhouse at walking distance. Natureville has dedicated meditation lawns, yoga/aerobic park, amphitheatre, multipurpose courts, an artificial lake exclusive for the resident and a whole world of amenities. It is all just one walk away!

The essence of Healthy Living

When we think about our dream home, a healthy environment is one thing we always keep in mind. There’s nothing more satisfying than knowing you are blessed with a healthy environment and some amazing investment decisions. The gated community is located away from city rush and holds unspoilt nature, healthy for both mind and body. The abundance of green stretches and a clean locality makes Aakruthi Natureville a choice of a healthy future. It’s a step forward and closer to a better tomorrow for everyone, directly and indirectly, dependant on you.

A builder group that is trusted by thousands!

Last but not least, we are a choice of thousand hearts when it comes to owning a house and making it a home. We take pride in knowing that. This trust helps us and pushes us day and night to serve your dream. Aakruthi is responsible for six modern and lively projects and is all set to handover dream spaces near Whitefield.

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