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5 key takeaways from Holi and what they teach us about investments!

The festival of colours and love is here and we can feel the exuberance in our hearts. Holi brings in vibrant celebrations over a period of two days which starts with burning the demon holika or ‘Holika Dahan’ and is followed by a day of colour splashesHolikae and delicacies. It is that time of the year when the skies are coloured, the good wins over the evil and people forget and forgive to repair the broken relationships. It is also the festival that signifies new beginnings, end of winters and arrival of Spring.

Spreading love and happy colours, all of us can pull some valuable insights on investments with these key takeaways from the festivities of Holi. Let’s have a look at them:

One Colour is Never Enough

Imagine playing Holi with only one colour or seeing only one colour spattering around you on the day dedicated to colours? It’s so unexciting and you don’t like it that we are sure. The same applies to the idea of investments as well. Having only one investment or a single investment channel is never enough to stimulate worthy returns even if you think it potentially is.

We all know the more colours we add to this festival, the brighter the day and our smile are. Is it not the same with investing? The more we invest, the more we are likely to gain out of it making ourselves better satisfied and secure.

Investments must always be made in combinations and contrast, not sticking to a single one. If not many, a few decent ones should do the job and get you sizeable returns.

It is for Everyone

The festival of love has no discriminations, each and everybody is made a part of it. Everybody celebrates as one. The happy faces say it all. It relates exceedingly well with the thought of investing.

Let’s walk past the myths that believe investments are only for the fortunate and the rich. All of us must equally prepare ourselves to invest in whatever capacity we can. Small investments hold a huge impact on the economy and hence never underestimate their charm.

Take an example of a plot land bought today and think about the kind of benefits it will have in only 5 years down the line. Just as the one offered by Aakruthi Natureville in Whitefield, Bengaluru which starts at only ₹15 lacs with an EMI as low as ₹9999. That is why we say small investments made well in time can ripe your income multifold.

Welcome new Beginnings

Holi festival celebrates new beginnings. All the negativity is left behind leaving room for positivity and prosperity only.

In the case of investments, we say, it is important to burn down the ideas and thoughts that stop you from moving on. Allowing yourself to stay in a comfortable spot is a good idea but to never come out and look for better investment opportunities can make you lose quality returns.

Therefore, burning down and leaving behind the negative blocks for a progressive future is what you should consider and make new investments and enjoy higher earnings.

The victory of Good over Evil

One determining the significance of this festival is that the good wins over the evil. The moral insight here is that no matter what, the good shall always win.

Hence, if we look at it, there are two kinds of investments – the good ones and the bad ones. The good ones get us good and timely benefits whereas the bad ones are stagnant to a point or even worse are seeping down. It’s time we realize that this is how it is always going to be. Not all the investments you make necessarily turn out to be good and that you have to deal with the less good ones.

All we need to do is keep a check on our investments on a regular basis and modify or recover wherever we can to ensure the good ones overshadow the ones that are not working in our favour.

Toxic colors are a big NO-NO

In the mood and light of festivities, we never forget how harmful some colours are to put on someone for the kind of ingredient mix and compromised quality these colours have. In a similar manner, any investment that we make must also be well read and analyzed in advance.

To study the risks involved in an investment before putting money and time in it is a must. It is always said that there’s no success without risks and we can’t agree more but we also believe taking calculated risks won’t hurt. It will only multiply the chances of a shining investment.

A careful approach to all our investments, running and the ones to be made in future enables surety and a sense of satisfied security to move ahead and forward for beneficial results.

We never knew the festival of love that is best enjoyed laughing covered in colours had such great relativity to our idea of investments. Well, now that we know, we hope you encourage and embrace these thoughts for a tomorrow that holds everything but needs action today. #TomorrowIsHere #HappyHoli

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