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Will Real Estate Investment continue to be a safe investment post COVID?

Real Estate has long been considered the safest and the most stable type of investment. Will the Corona struck world change this?

The arena of real estate is witnessing a sea change owing to the COVID-19 climate.
Contradicting our expectations, real estate continues to be a safe option for investment,
unlike other investment options like stock market which is facing a steep decline now.
Investors who have tried a hand on equity and saw their money go up in flames will now
grab real estate assets. After the pandemic, sensex and gold prices have tanked, and
there is a high uncertainty in the case of these investments. This has turned out to be a
saving grace for the real estate investors. The smart ones have already started buying
projects which follow the post pandemic requirements anticipating the resale value. But,
real estate is an industry that is largely dependent on human habits. Since the pandemic
has changed our habits, developers will have to aim at building safer, healthier, and
more sustainable projects from now on.

The current scenario has brought about a shift in customer demands, owing to the new
normal of remote working. Ready-to-move-in houses are high on demand, and people
looking for spaces that offer a healthy environment for both work and family time. Asset
owners will now have to build more safe and efficient buildings in order to attract
investments. The record-low interest rate will also serve as a boon for the real estate
industry. And reports say that the interest rates and prices will remain low so as to
increase consumer demand in the market in the present scenario.

The government is now offering grants to help the real estate sector. First time home
buyers can now enjoy the tax-saving benefits of the government. Many new committees
are also being set up by the government ensures and protects buyer rights. These
committees will also look into the timely delivery of completed housing projects.
The pandemic has revealed the uncertainty of our lives more than ever. During the
lockdown, people living in rented spaces had to face grave situations with their
landlords, the reason why most of them are now planning to own a house of their own.
Real estate investment has become the best thing to do now, both as a source of
income and as a safe shelter.

The location of the project is really important as far as an investor is concerned, which is
why Bangalore might be the bestest option for your future investments. Being the startup
hub and IT capital of the country, Bangalore is witnessing an exponential growth in terms
of property investments. If you’re looking for a project in Bangalore to invest in, get in
touch with Aakruthi and watch your life take a new turn.

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