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Practical steps to live a sustainable Lifestyle

6 Steps to Practice a Sustainable Lifestyle

Every choice we make has an impact on the environment and climate. From the food we eat to the clothes we wear to the lifestyle we live, everything points back to protecting the earth for our future generations.

Sustainable living is the way to live in 2022. People are starting to realise the importance and urgency of following a sustainable lifestyle. I myself, try to make conscious decisions to live sustainably by using some methods.

What exactly is sustainable living?

Sustainable living involves reducing the usage of the earth’s resources by using more sustainable alternatives. There are many different ways to start a sustainable lifestyle, these include small lifestyle choices, food choices, and usage of more eco-friendly products.

Growing up as a kid, my mother used to be very concerned about the environment and she always tried to be sustainable in the house and made us learn about sustainable living and eco-friendly practices.

It all seemed pointless at that time but now we realise the importance of sustainable living and adopting a sustainable lifestyle. I strongly feel that sustainability is something that needs to be taught and started at home. Growing up in a traditional Middle-class family, our mom always taught us to care for the planet and environment.

Here are some tips that you can follow to live sustainably.

Save Energy
As Indian as it sounds, saving energy is something that we all do in most homes across the country. By using less energy we can reduce our carbon emissions and make a small difference. I’m sure most turning off the lights and fans is a very common practice in India. As a child, I used to get yelled at by my parents if I wasted power and had to switch off all electrical appliances and switches when not in use.

Consume Less
Consuming less is one of the most effective ways to start a sustainable lifestyle.  We buy and store a lot of things that we don’t even need. All this waste get accumulated and ultimately ends us getting wasted and thrown. We should change our perspective on things and think before making decisions and ask if we really need to get that extra product. At home we always used to only buy the things that we needed and were taught to consume less and save resources in whatever way Possible

Get Reusable shopping bags
Plastic is one of the most unnecessary wastes and has a huge impact on our environment. They are bad for the environment and can choke the planet and it’s resources. In an attempt to eradicate plastic waste,we should always use reusable bags for shopping. Avoid plastic bags as much as you can, our mom always used to carry her own shopping back and we reused it for all our shopping. Every time we buy things we end up getting plastic bags and they all end up getting thrown away and killing the planet.

Shop Local
This is something that my family has been doing forever and they taught us to shop local whenever possible. Shopping locally is not only good for the economy but also helps to minimise waste. Compared to big supermarkets, most Local shops have fewer plastic wraps and less packaging which means less waste.

Start Composting
Composting is one of the best ways to eliminate trash that ends up in landfills.It is also one of the easiest ways to start recycling and turn waste into fertiliser for the soil. Instead of just throwing our vegetable waste, you can just compost it in your own backyard or garden. My mom has been composting and has used the fertiliser for the plants in our garden. It is an effortless practice that can really make a difference.

Never buy Bottled water
DId you know that 481.6 BILLION plastic bottles were used worldwide in a single year. That’s 40 billion per month and 1.3 billion per year. That’s how much waste is being produced by plastic water bottles.And the sad part is that only 9% of this waste is recycled.That’s why it is so important to use other sustainable alternatives.I always make it a point to carry my own water bottle wherever i go. It’s these small changes that can help to make a huge difference.

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