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Seize your space in the heart of nature

We know you long for a home that makes you feel green, an abode that keeps telling you that you are not so away from nature. Join us and watch your fantasy turn real. At Aakruthi, the aim is to build sustainable communities, never forsaking our values of integrity and business ethics. Backed by a team of qualified and dedicated professionals, we focus on development, construction and marketing of premium plotted development in Bangalore. With our key locations which provide immense investment potential, the stature of Aakruthi in the Bangalore real estate arena remains unparalleled.

Awards & Achievements

Touching Hearts Reaching Heights

500+ Happy Families
10+ Completed Projects
10+ Years Of Excellence
10 Lakhs SQFT Area Ongoing Projects

Our History

Aakruthi took form in 2012. Being visionary leaders and best buddies, with passion and flair for business, exploring new ideas. they embarked on this exciting journey and founded Aakruthi.

With a modest start, promoting residential projects of other builders and developing small land parcels in and around Bangalore, the duo quickly came to realise the challenges they faced in delivering developments to Customers.

What began as a discussion of the past successes and challenges quickly turned into a dialogue about an organization not simply driven by revenue margins but a company governed by an organizational vision which becomes the living and breathing force behind its every action – hence inspired by nature!

Seizing the moment, they decided to acquire their own land to promote their projects so that they could build a company that can remain relevant, competitive, and sustainable in an ever-changing economy.

Birth of Natureville:
Throughout the world, people want the same things: access to clean air and water; economic opportunities; a safe and healthy place to raise their kids; shelter; lifelong learning; a sense of community; and the ability to have a say in the decisions that affect their lives.

Fuelled by this vision, they conceived Natureville – a multiple phased, 50 Acre township project that aims to provide
♦ Satisfaction of basic human needs for clean air and water, nestled amongst an abundant green landscape
♦ Protection and enhancement of local and regional ecosystems and biological diversity
♦ Conservation of water, land, energy, and non-renewable resources, including maximum feasible reduction, recovery, and reuse and recycling of waste

With over 3 years of meticulous planning starting with land acquisition in 2014, Natureville Phase 1 was launched in 2018 and was well received amongst the young and ambitious millennials who are extremely keen on seeking out and investing in value-for-money properties.
Sustainability being the key factor, Aakruthi proceeded to build its own private lake in 4 acres of its own land to promote water conservation. Over 100 + recharge pits collect rain water through saucer drains, store and redistribute it to the community.

Future Plans

Integrating technology and nature to provide affordable housing with modern infra and financial sustainability is at the core of all future offerings. Multiple projects in North Bangalore and Hoskote, Premium Villas in Natureville Phase 4 are in the making.


A world where every individual is one with nature


Building sustainable communities with a feeling of abundance

  • Unquestioned integrity in conduct
  • Passionate about creating meaningful relationships
  • Adding Abundance to life - land, water, green
  • Financial sustainability for all


Under the leadership of Mr.Manjunath HR & Mr. Manjunath V, the company continues to place its indelible mark on the Bangalore landscape, blending ageless values with pace setting design. The management team at Aakruthi are the BEST at what they do in fields of sales, marketing, finance and research; each with over 12+ years of experience acumen, expertise and specialized industry intelligence.
Manjunath HR

A Pioneer. A Visionary . A leader with an MBA in HR and extensive experience in real-estate that spans over a decade

Manjunath V

Versatile, highly adaptable, empathetic leader with strong implementation skills that drive the organization's vision.10+ years’ experience in Real Estate.

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